Abstract & Paper Submission

Call for Abstracts

Abstract & Paper Submission is closed.

Abstract Submission Instructions

Submission is only accepted via the online EMECR2017 conference website.
Only one Abstract per Presenter is accepted for submission.
No fax and e-mail submission are accepted.
Please fill in the online submission form and submit the abstract.
Abstract should be written not exceeding 300 words. You are requested to choose the Topics from the listed below that are most applicable to your abstract theme. After submission, you will receive an automatic submission number in return by e-mail when the submission succeeds.

  • Ironmaking Resources and Preparation Process
  • Blast Furnace Route for Future Ironmaking
  • Thermodynamics and process technology for sustainable and efficient steel refining and recycling
  • COURSE50
  • Life cycle social value and environmental impacts
  • Behavior of accompanied element in steel cycle
  • Creating social value beyond steel industry
  • Thermal Energy Utilization
  • Carbon and material recycling
  • Gas separation by PCPs/MOFs for the Steel Industry
  • Phosphorus Concentration and Recovery from Steel-making Slag
  • Others

Proceedings submission instruction will be notified on the website once ready.

Type of Presentation

Either Oral or Poster presentations are accepted. However, the Program Committee will make the final decision.

Full Paper Submission Instruction

Full Paper should be formatted according to the Word template available here, and it cannot exceed 4 pages.
Full Paper can only be submitted by those authors whose Abstract was accepted.
Authors should submit the Copyright Transfer Form (downloadable here) with the Full Paper. Once filled in, the Copyright Transfer Form can be uploaded by using the track called "Upload Copyright Transfer Form" as a PDF file.

Once you have prepared your Full Paper and saved it in both Word and PDF formats, you can complete your submission by following the instructions below:

  • Go to the on-line submission form where you had submitted your abstract.
  • Login using the same password you received for your abstract submission before.
  • Under your abstract information, enter additional information and upload your Full Paper in both Word and PDF files.
  • Submit the Copyright Transfer Form.
  • Continue to end submission.

Instruction for Presentations

Instruction for Oral Presentation
Instruction for Poster Presentation

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