The specific topics to be discussed at EMECR2017 include:

  • Energy Efficiency and CO2 Reduction - how the steel industry can contribute to a low carbon economy, including developments such as COURSE 50, ULCOS, AISI CO2, biological systems, carbon utilization and energy efficiency.

    Keywords: energy management, process
    control, waste heat recovery, process developments, ironmaking, steelmaking, carbon capture and utilization, high-temperature processes, industrial symbiosis
  • Material Efficiency - optimizing raw material use and through-process yield, deploying integrated waste management and adopting industrial symbiosis towards zero waste operations.

    Keywords: material recovery and recycling,
    waste reduction, raw materials, byproducts, processing and waste optimization
  • Product Life Cycles - demonstrating the key role of steel products in a sustainable society through deployment of LCA and life cycle thinking principles early in the product design.

    Keywords: LCA, sustainability, energy efficiency,
    material recycling, CO2 emission mitigation, process developments, emission impact and measurement

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